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    • hi jános, no, I was (obviously) but now I’m in berlin. i found your page while doing some random research about photojournalism in connection with some theories that interested me and could probably be useful for my master thesis (one of them was postphotography). that’s how I incidentially found your page. I really liked your reportages/longsheets, that’s why I linked you,I hope you’re ok with it.

  1. of course I am totally ok with it. especially to be next to Oren 🙂
    Beautiful photos!
    I lived in Jerusalem four years and have lots of friends there, that’s why I asked you. I will be back there soon, but maybe maybe I will pass by Berlin before, to pick my stuff. I tried to move there (I was in Neukolln for a bit) in the last year, and I really love it, but it’s no place for a photographer, so it didn’t work.

    • so you live somewhere in europe and travel or are you planning/going to move back to jerusalem? either way say hi to the -now even hipper I came to know -cassette and hataklit in case yuo stop by.
      true, berlin isn’t a place for anything. I guess that’s why people love to come here and chase their dreams in form of disposable coffee cups, partying hard and knowing someone whos knows someone who’s important, whatever that means….it’s just cynism but I don’t mean to sound bitter, I really like the city, it’s possibilities and some people in it as well. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you.

      • I live around, mostly in Puglia at the moment, and the plan is to go back to Jerusalem for a couple of months. The idea was to be based in Berlin and enjoy the parties, but it’s too far from the Mediterranean sea and I don’t like big parties anyway.
        I will say hi to Kassetta when I’m there, not to the Taklit, I never go there 🙂

  2. hi jános
    I’ve been to taklit once n don’t remember it well. I assume goldstars outshine my reminiscence of that experience. thanks for greeting kassetta.
    do you have other plans for jerusalem as well (another than deciding to stay there, besides the fact that staying there is a plan already)?
    seems like berlin doesn’t suit you. maybe you like it better as visitor than resident.
    and true,though the baltic sea is quite close it vastly differs from the mediterranean sea. and berlin is cold. i like weather and seasons in general, it’s more a matter of time. six months of rain and wind and sun deprivation is a little bit too long cuz then 3 seasons only have 2 months each.
    in case you’re leaving puglia within the next two months and stop by in berlin, I’m sure you’ll be able to witness the intense but figuitive spring-explosion in the city. it’s charming. just as it is in puglia during spring I suppose.
    anyhow, have a good time there before you leave!

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